More information on efm internet

If you are wondering about what is an efm line, here is your answer: EFM stands for ethernet first mile, which is a technology becoming increasingly more popular among UK businesses who want fast and reliable internet access.

More information on efm internet.

efm lines offer several advantages to corporate customers. First of all, this technology is a lower cost broadband alternative for fibre based internet access. Second, speeds can be up to 35 Mbps, for both upload and download. Third, and in my opinion the most important of all, this line is exclusive to you and not shared with anyone else -- meaning your reliability is as good as it gets.

UK businesses can greatly benefit from having an EFM line. The main advantage I can tell you is that this service has a much faster installation time, 45 days -- versus the 90 day period required by the fibre broadband leased line alternative. Also, if your business relies on cloud based storage services, such as OneDrive or Dropbox, VoIP calls, such as Skype or Hangouts, and also software subscriptions such as Office 365 or Photoshop, can greatly benefit with a fast and reliable efm internet access. Your contract will have a Service Level Agreement, or SLA for short, so your internet service provider will contractually guarantee an internet access with a certain minimum speed. Another benefit is the use of a simple Ethernet cable upon physical arrival inside your office, a standard that is omnipresent in most -- if not all -- computers manufactured today.

EFM works great for global businesses which rely heavily on VoIP communication, but it can be a good alternative for financial businesses and day traders who need reliable internet connectivity because the latency is very low. In everyday English, that means that the time it takes to the information leave the source and travels to its destination is very, very low. Use is unlimited, so there are no forms of restriction of download and upload quantities. Another interesting use for EFM lines is connecting two branches of the same company -- by having reliable and guaranteed internet access on both sites, you can rely on having a consistent means of communication between both sites.

Most of UK can offer EFM access. Since this broadband technology works over copper, rather than fibre, there are already cables covering around 80% of the country. It is also very reliable -- due to the fact that service is delivered over 2 or 4 copper pairs, according to the speed you choose, when one copper pair fails the connection still works, albeit in a reduced bandwidth speed. Service issues are typically sorted out within 6 to 8 hours, depending on service provider, and the average uptime is of 99,93% across the industry.

In other words, EFM lines can offer reliable access to the internet allows you and your business to make conference calls, saving time and avoiding the need of celebrating face to face meetings. Having a good upload speed is also very important when constantly editing and uploading files to the cloud, and this is another advantage of EFM broadband access.